Virtuemart Fix Pricing Error

My Issue: On my Landscape Photography website I’m using Joomla for the Web Design, I’m trying to sell fine art prints through Virtuemart where I have Custom Fields setup for each print size. Example: 8×10 Print – $85 11×16 Print $120 etc However, I have to have a base price setup in the product information tab

I thought that I would take a second to write out a quick blog post on how to insert plugin code to a php file so that WordPress will execute the plugin code instead of displaying the literal text. This is my project… I’m building a custom wordpress website for, a Midland Texas mortgage

Today I was working on upgrading Best Event Rentals shopping cart from Virtuemart 2 to Virtuemart 3, and notice that some of the thumbnails in the category section and in the product section displayed the error image not found symbol (see image above). When I looked further, I noticed that Virtuemart was linking to the

For Easyblog Version  5.0.32 and Joomla 3.5.x Go to:  \components\com_easyblog\themes\wireframe\structure\default.php Remove the line: <?php echo EBLOG_POWERED_BY_LINK; ?> For earlier versions of easyblog Go to: /public_html/components/com_easyblog/constants.php Go to: /public_html/components/com_easyblog/controller.php Search for: Powered By Link, or just: Powered Comment out the php line that starts like this: define (‘EBLOG_POWERED_BY_LINK’ Just add // infront of the define text with a space

Why remove the Joomla meta tag generator? All Joomla websites come standard with the following meta tag: <meta name=”generator” content=”Joomla! – Open Source Content Management” /> Removing the Joomla meta generator tag is one crucial aspect of securing your website. The Joomla Meta Generator tag tells hackers that your website is a Joomla website. Then,

Why remove Show Joomla Version? Showing the Joomla Version is a huge security risk. Why? Because if a hacker knows what Joomla version your website is, and you are a version or thirty behind, you just gave the hacker a list of different ways that your website can be hacked. I’m not sure why Joomla